Chiatura, the Georgian town hanging by a thread

Crammed between steep cliffs in the middle of Georgia is the mining town Chiatura. During its hayday this town had one of the greater manganese mines in the Soviet Union. Up to 60 percent of the USSR manganese came from this town. Adding to it’s succes were the many cable carts bringing workers from the town up to the mines upon the hills.

Arriving in Chiatura you’ll find many of the carts are still running as the main type of public transport. From the towns center, placed upon the banks of the Qvirila River, several lines bring the towns habitants from one area to another.

The rope system was installed in 1954 and it seems that ever since not much maintenance has been done. Over the summer some of the lines were closed ‘under construction’, however not much of this construction was visible. With some lines already abandoned it is likely that the whole system will eventually stop.



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